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Why fabric structure is chosen for architectural solution?

Every tensile structure requires the right solution to meet every aspect of its architectural element such as design and build, framework, durability and reliability. As the trend of structural architecture progresses and the quest to find the most unique, minimalistic and remarkable structural designs continues, various architectural solutions arise. One of the most fascinating developments […]

Selection of Tensile Fabric Structure Material Specification

TE Membrane has come up with a criteria that would fit all types of fabric according to its tensile specifications and qualities. Not all fabrics are made equal and same for every tensile fabric structure needs. Being an expert on tensile membrane structures, we carefully review every aspect of the materials characteristic, specification and project […]

Tensile Fabric Structure Installation & Maintenance

Tensile fabric structure installation and maintenance processes are executed with extreme caution and safety. These two stages of a fabric structure project are critical to the success of achieving the most durable and remarkable roof system. TE Membrane Tensile Fabric Structure Scope of Installation TE Membrane has over 14 years of experience in the installation […]

Tensile Fabric Structure Manufacturing & Fabrication

Tensile fabric structure manufacturing and fabrication are both hosted in-house at TE Membrane & Partners. In-house manufacturing and fabrication allows as to give close monitoring on the quality of architectural materials and right fabrication method being employed. We fabricate all the component of fabric and steel structure of tensile fabric structure in-house. Fabric Fabrication TE […]

Tensile Fabric Design Process

TE Membrane focuses on developing and converting your ideas and creativity to life. Our unique and advanced tensile fabric designer creating free form solution by adopting membrane natural form. Over the years of experience, we have the best design team that able to meet even the most complex tensile fabric structures design. Tensile fabric design […]