Today, we are going to take a look at 5 famous exambles of fabric membrane structures. Afterwards, you will see exactly why these are at the top of the list when it comes to Fabric Roof structures …

The Millennium Dome

The Millennium Dome, also known as The O2, is located in Greenwich, London, England. It is the largest dome in the world, and was famous for the controversy surrounding the cost and design of the dome. But it has long since been a landmark of the area, for better or for worse. Many people are divided over its appearance, but its construction cannot be taken for granted it. It is an impressive achievement, and its aesthetics make it one of the most recognizable Fabric Roof structures in the world.

Fabric Roof

The dome has a diameter of 1,050 feet, and a maximum height of 165 feet. In order to achieve this massive size, the Millennium Dome uses a cloth glass fiber matrix of PTFE with a coating of Teflon. This allows the dome to stretch as far as it does while still maintaining its shape. Tension keeps it from falling down. PTFE has the advantage of being long lasting and durable, and does not require much maintenance. The PTFE is supported by a concrete base, with multiple steel towers, as well as rubber feet which anchor the PTFE down, and hold the shape.

The Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport has bee applauded as one of the most visually striking airports in the world for many years, and its Fabric Roof structure is one of the main causes for that. It is meant to invoke the history and culture of Denver, and of Colorado. The firm that is responsible for building the airport says that it hoped that people would think of Colorado’s snow peaked Rocky Mountains, the covered wagons of the early pioneers who explored what became Colorado, and Native American teepees, as a monument for who originally inhabited Colorado.

Fabric Roof

It is a massive 400 tons in total, and has many different parts. It has 34 strong steel masts to support the structures, and 10 miles of steel cabling for structural soundness. 3.8 miles of aluminum camping help hold down the 660,000 square feet of PTFE fiberglass Fabric Roof membrane that makes up most of the structure.

The peaks are topped with a strong fiberglass reinforcement for added strength and support of the structure. The Denver Airport, like The Millennium Dome, is made from strong and durable PTFE, which requires little maintenance, and has a long life before needing to be replaced.

Imagination Headquarters

The Imagination Headquarters fabric structure is one of the world’s most beautiful structures. It acts as a seven stories high atrium walkway between an old Victorian era red brick schoolhouse, and the innovative Imagination building. The Imagination building wanted something unique, and something to stand out from the crowd, and symbolize the innovation and creativity that they stand for.

It has a tensile roof canopy to join the two buildings. It was one of the most exciting architectural of the 1990s, and began a new trend that lead to a wealth of new Fabric Roof structures popping up all around the world.  It is made from PTFE glass with a Teflon coating. This is similar to the Tensile Fabric Membrane that make up the Denver International Airport and the Millennium Dome.

The aesthetics are just as impressive as the mechanics behind the architecture, and while it is beautiful in both day and night, the expert lighting takes it to a whole new level. In the daytime the juxtaposition between the old fashioned appeal and red coloring of the school house highlights the beauty of the modernity in the Fabric Roof as well as the Imagination building. It was the winner of the UK Building of the Year Award in 1991.

Canada Place

The Canada Place ensile Fabric Roof structure is one of the highlights of the Vancouver, British Columbia area. It has often been lauded as one of the symbols of Canada and Vancouver, and has bragged at being the most photographed building in the area. It is also called the welcoming point for Canada’s famed Pacific Gateway. It has been newly renovated and updated after almost 30 years since the original fabric was placed.

The newly furnished structure has a TiO2 coated PTFE fiberglass membrane that will last another 30 years, with even less need for maintenance than the version before. It will be self-cleaning, which will save on maintenance costs. It is also extremely energy efficient, letting in natural light, without letting in the associated heat.

It will save a large amount of money on electricity. It has a five sail construction that sets it apart from other structures like it around the world. It is a dynamic location, home to the cruise ship terminal of Vancouver, offices of Port Metro Vancouver, the Vancouver Convention Center, Pan Pacific Hotel, and much more. It is a special location for all of Vancouver.

Ashford Designer Outlet

Fabric Roof

The dramatic and stunning appearance of the Ashford Designer Outlet makes it one of the most recognizable and beloved Fabric Roof structures. It is in the shape of a horseshoe, and covers a large number of retail stores. It is home of a popular outdoor mall with many high-end stores. It is a Richard Rogers design, and has also been voted as the RIBA Journal building of the month in April of 2000.

It has lawn since been an iconic building of the area, making its stark presence known amongst the rural scenery. It is the longest continual Tensile Fabric Membrane in the world, making it very unique. It is made from PVC coated polyester, which is very lightweight, clean, and durable. It requires little maintenance and is a fraction of the cost of normal construction materials.

The Ashford Designer Outlet consists of multiple bright orange steel poles to hold up a bright white canopy. The canopy is made into several large inverted cones for aesthetic appeal. The entire Ashford Designer Outlet shopping mall takes up 35,000 square meters. All of these factors make the Ashford one of the most intriguing structures in the world of fabric structures.

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