Tensile Fabric Structures Cleaning & Maintenance

TE Membrane Sdn Bhd (TEM) protects your investments. We have the best know how experience tensile roof cleaners and maintenance team. We create a maintenance plan and ensure that it is properly met.

Our services do not stop once the structure is up. We also provide our services to maintain your tensile membrane structure to ensure durability, safety and longevity. We conduct regular, routine and scheduled cleaning & maintenance on your tensioned membrane structure and conduct regularly checks to inspect tension, materials and connections for defect due to loose of tension and corrosion.

Tensile membrane structures are generally designed and constructed so that little maintenance is necessary.  However, local conditions may introduce particular maintenance requirements.

We perform cleaning of fabric roof with approved and recommended detergent from approved manufacturer and ensure that we always follow maintenance conditions recommended cleaning schedule for durability and warranty.

We conduct periodic and specific inspections and cleaning and are weather-dependent. Some countries have light and heavy precipitation periods and the time for the inspection and cleaning may vary accordingly with the fabric positions such as vertical and horizontal.

Here are the guidelines for the fabric structure periodic cleaning and maintenance Inspections:

  • tears on the sides and inside the panel.
  • peeling off at the welds.
  • broken yarns and tears in the sewing points.
  • abrasion of the fabric.
  • fraying of cables.
  • heavy build up on the  surface (dead leaves, insects, etc. ..)
  • storm with winds of over 70 km/h but less than or equal to the design limit of the particular structure.
  • impact by massive objects that may cut or abrade the fabric.
  • ponding of stormwater on the fabric.
  • lightening strike.
  • initial erection and tensioning of the fabric.