Architectural Membrane Manufacturers

Modern technology and advance innovation has brought about sweeping transformations in development of architectural  fabric materials with immensely strong, durable, technically advanced and economical in membrane manufacturing.


“To be the total tensile fabric specialist in providing complete one stop solution from design,
build maintain and replace with state of the art in production & performance”


Space & Light

Project Portfolio with Reputable Clients

Our tensile fabric building reviews include customer testimonials for a wide variety of fabric applications.

Commitment to Quality

Tensile Fabric StructuresAs a company we have developed a quality culture which permeates every aspect of our business from design, manufacture, through to service and installation. We have implemented continuous improvement processes which ensure we keep up to date with best practice in both local and internationally.

“I have been very pleased and impressed with the quality and expertise of TE Membrane’s work. Our Club’s General Manager and Club President were especially pleased with the attention to detail that TE Membrane provided. Our entire Board of Directors were very pleased with the project.”

John SmithHouseBuild Chief

“We have been very impressed by TE Membrane overall quality of work. Installation of the membrane roof was quick and efficient. The design initiatives put forth has resulted in additional cost savings and add value to the roof.”

Besim DautiProject Menager