Tensile fabric steel fabrication

TE Membrane (TEM)  offers efficient steel structure design for tensile fabric steel framing. Utilising latest 3D modelling software and error-proof quality control systems, we provide high quality drawings and fabrication workshop drawings for the supporting steel structure framing for tensile membrane structure.

Our service packages are part of our total tensile fabric system. These include design fabrication drawings or workshop drawings, design calculations for all type of steel joint connections, details, connection and material lists. It also includes drawing assemblies and tolerance for different type of materials inclusive of structural framing(steel, aluminium and stainless steel) to support tensile fabric structure.

The complete tensile fabric package for steel includes planning, building code and regulation (British Standard, American Standard or Australian Standard),

All steel drawings are generated from a comprehensive 3D model than the conversion to 2D drawing details required and provide a much greater visualization of the project during fabrication and erection.

When it comes to steel fabrication, we use the latest and most high-tech CNC machines or  laser machine to cut plates and special membrane profile, bending  and finally assemble fabricated steels. We generate steels from according to design specification.

Consistently, we  provide superior quality welding that meets various industry standards as well as the expectations. We provide invaluable structural testing services including structural steel welding inspection based on scope of work for Non-Destructive Testing, Visual Inspection and Ultrasonic Testing (UT)Magnetic Particle Testing (MT).

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