Membrane Fabrication

TE Membrane Fabric Supply, Cutting & Welding Contract Services

With 14 years of specialized experience, TE Membrane stands out as the premier choice for architectural fabrication and project-specific advisory needs. Our expertise in subcontract supply, cutting, and welding services, especially in nesting and patterning architectural fabrics like PVC-coated polyester, PTFE-coated fiberglass, and ETFE film, is unmatched. Since 2010, our skilled professionals have been fabricating PTFE, ETFE, PVC, HDPE, and portable shelters, offering solutions tailored to your requirements.

Certified by QAS International ISO 9001:2015, we ensure top-notch quality and precision. Our comprehensive services include:

Your Partner for Complex Projects

At TE Membrane, we believe in close collaboration with our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our services cater to both large-scale commercial projects and smaller, specialized needs, maintaining strict confidentiality throughout. Our team’s extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee the best possible outcome every time.

If your project is too complex, too large, or if your schedule is too tight, consider us your ideal partner. We offer contract patterning, cutting, and fabrication of architectural structures and tensile membranes. Our customizable solutions consider your specific requirements, preferences, and applications to ensure you receive a fabrication that suits you perfectly.

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