Tensile membrane fabric fabrication

Fabrics could be the most efficient material when building tensile membrane structures. Aside from being durable, it is light-weight, can last to many years and can be installed easily.

TE Membrane is proud of our high precision automatic plotting and skill fabrication of fabrics. We have controlled and concise fabrication management, making it effective to deliver high quality fabric materials ideal for all types of tensile fabric structures. Welding and seaming of the fabric.

We have the skilled and professional manpower all working to create the most versatile fabrics that would bring a magnificent structure to life. Our know-how on fabric fabrication will help you get head of your game. We understand every fabric material and its behaviour when subjected to various factors.

We have the goal of keeping it green when building tensile fabric structures. We fabricate fabrics that goes well with our ecosystem that can be recycle.

Below are the fabrics we create with best condition and under a high class facility.

  • PVC coated Polyester : Coated both sides with plasticized PVC with fluoropolymer lacquer applied on top and bottom.
  • PTFE or Teflon Coated Glass:
  • Silicon Coated Glass:
  • ETFE Foil : Lightweight and used as alternative to glass. Aids in heat conservation.
  • Lifespan with 20 – 35+ years.
  • PVC coated Arcylicr : Coated both sides with plasticized PVC with arcrylic llacquer.
  • HDPE Shade Cloth : UV stable, knitted or woven monofilament mesh type extruded HDPE.
  • PVC Coated Polyester Mesh : Coated in PVC and woven to create a mesh fabric appearance.
  • Lifespan with 10 – 20 years.
  • Polyester Lycra : Mostly made from polyester material and only 10% Lycra.
  • Lifespan with up to 5 years.

All materials are subjected to quality inspections to ensure that we only use the highest approved standard fabrics and quality fabrication method  that will surely meet its expected lifespan, durability and reliable properties.

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