Custom Structures

Custom Tensile Fabric Structures

Our design and architecture team focuses on giving our clients an advantage on their custom tensile fabric structures by giving them the chance of customizing it to meet their needs and bring full functionality wherever possible.

As we offer them limitless design in membrane structures, we are counting ways on giving them more options and freedom of add-ons accessories such as speakers, heaters or air conditioning, screen-print and others onto the fabric structures.

Leaning our design concepts with several architect intents, TE Membrane, tensile fabric structures in Malaysia offer clients a vast range of customized architectural membrane types to cater their requirements. We offer dynamic and dramatic approach with our custom tensioned membrane structures. Each structure delivers a unique yet innovative design to overcome all types of weather conditions and functionality. Our design and engineering team has put intensive study and research from simple to complex tensile fabric structure with durable materials to align the design with the clients’ requirement.

Advantages of custom tensile fabric structures

Fabric Design Concept

Membrane Concept Development

Custom Tensile Fabric Structures

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