Standard Umbrella

Standard Tensioned Umbrellas

A “Stelar Umbrella” standard umbrella is pre-engineered and made to order standard tensile fabric umbrella. Our design team has dedicated huge amount of time and focus on developing wind rated standards tensile fabric umbrella to endure and sustain wind loads and reaction loads. We build standard tensioned umbrellas with different spans and ranges from 3.0m, 4.0m, 5.0m up to 7.0m and wider/longer which are able to withstand wind speeds of up to 120km/h to 180km/h.

This form of tensile fabric umbrella is commonly built for architecture, commercial and resort purposes where shelter is required. You can join numbers of tensioned membrane umbrellas altogether to have a wide coverage for outdoor events, sitting areas on pool sides, restaurants, bars and other areas that require shade.

The advantages of the standard tensioned umbrellas can be design with flexibility to opened and closed whenever needed and can be relocated to other areas as needed. We have elegant designs you can choose from and can be built with speedy turn-over to meet your needs.

We also do permanent standard tensioned umbrella that works best for schools, retail areas and hospitality. We build tensile fabric structures with high UV protection and waterproofing which is suitable and perfect to use.

Our tensile membrane structure architects also develops and builds free-standing umbrella structures with cantilever support and side support.

Stelar Umbrella – Modal Su01

Stelar Umbrella – Modal Su02

Stelar Umbrella – Modal Su03

Advantages of Standard Tensioned Umbrellas:

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