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Terengganu Multi Purpose Hall

The versatility of tensile membrane structures, exemplified by the 8 conical design, traditional conic structures, and modern membrane innovations, sets the stage for diverse usage across various events for local communities. The 8 conical structure, particularly, offers a unique design where flying masts elevate the cones, creating clear, unobstructed spaces devoid of columns in the middle, ideal for a range of activities. Divided into sections featuring twin and quadruple cones, these structures not only provide functional spaces but also serve as potential landmarks and icons for the community, enhancing the aesthetic and practical aspects of public spaces. Furthermore, the adaptability of tensile membrane structures allows for customization according to specific event requirements, whether it’s hosting cultural festivals, markets, or recreational gatherings. The traditional conic design, rooted in cultural heritage, adds a nostalgic charm while modern membrane innovations. This convergence of traditional aesthetics and contemporary engineering showcases the potential of tensile membrane structures to foster community engagement, promote local i experiences for all.

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Membrane Canopy Usage:


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