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Panggung Anniversary Amphitheater Perdana Botanical Garden

TE Membrane Tensile fabric structure in Panggung Anniversari, an esteemed musical amphitheater in Malaysia, stands as a testament to architectural and engineering brilliance, its award-winning design from the prestigious PAM architecture competition boasting a unique tensile membrane structure. Situated within the historic Perdana Botanical Garden of Kuala Lumpur, this architectural gem spans an impressive 60 meters with an arch length exceeding 80 meters long free span, offering an unobstructed and elegant venue for musical and dance performances. Supported by only four columns points over 2500m2 coverage area, the lightweight membrane integrates advanced architectural and engineering principles in tensile fabric design, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and ample natural ventilation. Its dual-layered structural support system creates a visually striking profile, accentuated by state-of-the-art lighting technology that allows for color changes.  Panggung Anniversari embodies the seamless fusion of architectural beauty and engineering innovation, setting a new standard for cultural venues in Malaysia. Moreover, its thoughtful design considers environmental sustainability and incorporating green spaces around the amphitheater, fostering a connection with nature and minimizing its ecological footprint, thus serving as a model for future architectural projects in the region.

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