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Sunway Lagoon Kariba Lake Malaysia

At Sunway Lagoon Water, TE Membrane’s addition tensile fabric structure sun shade sail located at Sunway Lagoon Kariba Lake Water Theme Park,  Malaysia  has added a stunning to its iconic attractions, enhancing both the functionality and beauty to cover the largest pool area in Sunway lagoon. Crafted from durable HDPE shade sail mesh, this innovative design features three giant sails, each inspired by the sleek form of a sailboat, elevated high above to provide extensive shade. The overlapping triangular sails not only maximize shaded space but also create a striking visual display with vibrant colors reflecting the park’s energetic theme with our tensile membrane structure. Visible from various vantage points and aerial views, these sails transform the pool area into a picturesque oasis, offering a shaded sanctuary for visitors to enjoy their time at the park. This architectural & engineering marvel embodies Sunway Lagoon’s commitment to innovation and guest comfort, blending form and function to enhance the overall visitor experience.

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