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Horse Arena Langkawi

The Horse Arena Perdana Langkawi stands as a distinguished equestrian venue on the island, boasting a unique tensile membrane structure that covers not only the entire horse ring but also the spectator stands. This innovative design allows visitors and spectators to enjoy the arena comfortably, regardless of the weather conditions prevalent in Langkawi. Unlike conventional roofing systems, the membrane roof provides superior diffuse lighting, creating a comfortable environment, especially around the arena ring. Spanning over 45 to 50 meters without the need for columns, the lightweight yet sturdy structure, engineered by our TE membrane firm, utilizes tensile membrane principles to withstand wind, rain, and ensure long-term stability. This cutting-edge design not only enhances the functionality of the arena but also elevates the overall equestrian experience for participants and spectators alike, making the Horse Arena Perdana Langkawi a premier destination for equatorial events.


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