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Mandarin Hotel

Tensile membrane structures are revolutionizing the hospitality industry, particularly in areas such as poolside lounges and bars, where creating a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere is paramount. The Mandarin Hotel exemplifies this innovation by incorporating a stunning membrane structure to cover its Jacuzzi pool and surrounding dining and bar areas. This design choice transforms the outdoor space into a haven of sophistication and comfort, with the lightweight and translucent membrane allowing for the diffusion of natural light, creating an inviting ambiance. Guests at the Mandarin Hotel praise the unique experience offered by the membrane-covered pool and bar area, where the soft, filtered light sets a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation or socializing. The comfort provided by the membrane structure, along with its versatility for various events, reflects a new era in hospitality design, where aesthetics and functionality converge to redefine the guest experience.

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Membrane Canopy Usage:


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