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Golf Netting @ KLGCC

KLGSS Golf Club has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety and protection of both golfers and residents by installing vertical row golf netting along its perimeter. This heavy duty golf netting, crafted from UV-stabilized materials and guarantees longevity .Careful design and engineering considerations have been employed to erect the structure and establish sturdy foundations capable of supporting the wind and netting. With netting spans occurring every 5 to 10 meters and heights ranging from 15 to 30 meters, our specialized expertise in golf course and driving range barrier netting ensures comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. Prioritizing customer safety and community well-being, our tailored solutions encompass high-quality materials engineered to withstand impacts, sun exposure, and wind forces. From safeguarding fairways to enclosing practice areas, our installations promise an enhanced golfing experience while bolstering reputation for safety and responsibility. By utilizing structural steel poles, heavy duty UV stabilise netting  and fittings for your golf netting solution.

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