TE Membrane is a Malaysian based company that is moving towards expanding in order to offer their services to a wider audience. They are moving into the global scene, offering products and services with wider demographic/geographic location to Asia clients.

TE Membrane was first established back in 2001. Since then, they have dedicated a lot of their time into becoming one of the most innovative architectural fabric structures company to specialize in tensile membrane structures. Over the course of 14 years in operation, they have finished over 100 fabric structure projects through South East Asia.

They are fully focused on providing high quality services that will satisfy each and every one of their clients. TE Membrane is well-known for working on tensile membrane structures projects in their area (Malaysia).

Announcing the Brand New Logo and Rebranding

Today, TE Membrane announced the rebranding of their logo. After a large amount of planning and drafting, they decided to go with green and blue – these colors were chosen in order to reflect the earth as they move forward to support green technology and building.

Tensile Membrane Structures

The Mission: The One-Stop Place for Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia

Their mission is to be the total tensile fabric specialist, internationally – the one-stop place to go for a company that will design, build, maintain, and replace tensile membrane structures. To date, they have secured a wide array of international projects and are currently recognized as a key player in the field of Tensile Fabric Structures. They work with hospitality, retail, sporting events, transportation, recreation, commercial, and many more using their tensile fabric free form design. Their applications have been done in a variety of places, such as the local council, government, transport garden, bank, and other recreational sites.

This company goes out of their way in order to make sure they stay up to date with the world around them. They are fully committed to offering top-quality results with every fabric, design, steel fabrication, installation, planning and inspections.

Their Services

Along with the standard umbrella, they also offer custom designs. They have a special design and architecture team that works with the clients who are in need of custom tensile fabric structures. They give their clients the opportunity to customize it to their liking. They are counting ways to offer more options and freedom of add-ons, such as heaters, air conditioning, speakers, and a variety of other fabric structures.

Tensile Membrane Structures

When it comes to their custom tensioned membrane structures, they offer a dramatic and dynamic approach. Each one of their structures has a design that is unique, yet innovative and can make it through all types of weather conditions. The design and engineering team has put a large amount of time to the side in order to study and research everything from the simple tensile fabric structure to the complex tensile fabric structure.

Customers don’t have to go with the custom design – they can choose the standard umbrella. This is a pre-made tensile fabric umbrella. They build standard tensioned umbrellas with a variety of ranges and spans that can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 km/h. The standard umbrella is normally build for commercial, architecture, and resort uses. Some choose to order different tensioned membrane umbrellas and join them together in order to offer wide coverage for events, pool sides, bars, restaurants, and other areas where shade may be a requirement. They also offer a permanent standard tensioned umbrella that is great for hospitality, schools and retail areas.

They use different forms of architectural grade fabric from “Polyester coated PVDF,” “HDPE Monofilament,” ETFE membrane” and “Fibreglass coated PTFE” to protect the shelter from the sun and rain.

Individuals who are in need of tensile fabric structures in Malaysia are encouraged to take a look at TE Membrane and see what they have to offer.

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