What is ETFE Roof?

TE Membrane is one of the leading and world-class tensile membrane structure companies, delivering ETFE roofing to a higher level for architectural solution in the field of tensile fabric. We have the best and well-versed designers, architects and structural engineers who have accomplished and completed numbers of tensile fabric structures both local and international. ETFE […]

Why fabric structure is chosen for architectural solution?

Every tensile structure requires the right solution to meet every aspect of its architectural element such as design and build, framework, durability and reliability. As the trend of structural architecture progresses and the quest to find the most unique, minimalistic and remarkable structural designs continues, various architectural solutions arise. One of the most fascinating developments […]

Finite Element Software in the Fabric Structure Design

TE Membrane uses a variety of the most advanced finite element analysis software and programs. Using finite element software for fabric design structure, simulations are done and helps to evaluate a material or a design’s reaction to outside factors. The goal of every tensile engineering study and finite element analysis is to have the tensile […]

Finite Element Analysis for Tensile Fabric Structure

Seeing a tensile fabric structure design for the first time is a bliss in the eye. However, looking at it in the engineering point of view, the design itself may not be sufficient to build a quality and reliable fabric structure without undergoing a series of details engineering analysis. The shape and form of the […]

Important Success Factor in Tensile Fabric Structure is Design

Design process is critical success element in tensile fabric structure. All project kick-offs starts with the design stage. And in tensile fabric structure, the design process plays a vital role in the success of quality fabric roof. The design process takes flight once the requirements and parameter are set. Below is a TE Membrane tensile […]

Selection of Tensile Fabric Structure Material Specification

TE Membrane has come up with a criteria that would fit all types of fabric according to its tensile specifications and qualities. Not all fabrics are made equal and same for every tensile fabric structure needs. Being an expert on tensile membrane structures, we carefully review every aspect of the materials characteristic, specification and project […]

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