Important Success Factor in Tensile Fabric Structure is Design

Design process is critical success element in tensile fabric structure. All project kick-offs starts with the design stage. And in tensile fabric structure, the design process plays a vital role in the success of quality fabric roof. The design process takes flight once the requirements and parameter are set. Below is a TE Membrane tensile fabric design process flow.


Stage 1 : Data gathering and taking notes of the requirements, highlights and features for the fabric structure. This will determine the type of approach needed to be carried out. TE Membrane and our clients, architect and designer sit down together to discuss every detail of the plan, elevation, form and design as desired. Geographical areas and loads conditions are also tackled during this stage to learn the requirement of the tensile fabric structure.

Stage 2 : Sketch and drawing for visual presentation. CAD, freeform software and 3D Modelling and other advanced technology and software are used to generate the exact form of the tensile fabric structure. TE Membrane hold in-house architectural design and engineering that creates the actual form, shape and suitability of the fabric structure.

Stage 3 : Initial sketch approval and freeform 3D concept approval. Clients review the plan and approve the general concept of the design. Once the design is approved, our architects and engineers will proceed to perform the finite element analysis by introducing it to series of loads and weather resistances calculation, tensile stress will be generated at this stage. All preliminary calculations such as reaction loads and steel sizes will be generated this stage.

Stage 4 : Final tensile fabric roof approval. Clients review the final plan and design. Any revisions and minor or major alterations can be made during this stage as well.

Why TE Membrane focus in design ?

When it comes with fabric roof and membrane roof design, accuracy and creativity are the key pointers. Your ideas and vision are important to us. We give high care to protect your designs as this represents who you are and contributes to your uniqueness.

Tensile Fabric Design Process

TE Membrane focuses on developing and converting your ideas and creativity to life. Our unique and advanced tensile fabric designer creating free form solution by adopting membrane natural form. Over the years of experience, we have the best design team that able to meet even the most complex tensile fabric structures design. Tensile fabric design is not an easy task as it involved non linear solution. It combines knowledge on theories, experience and technical of tensile membranes. TE Membrane has the well-versed in-house design and engineering team.

How Does Our Tensile Fabric Design Works?

Below are the steps we follow during our initial tensile fabric design stage:

First Phase: Sketch and 3D Model

We start with discussing the concept visual form of the fabric roof structure with the architect, designer or project owner. Our highly competent architects and engineers help out with the improvement of intended concept with possible form in sketch format, follow by creating parameter in 3D model in CAD before exporting to form finding software.

Second Phase: Form Finding Analysis

After the visual look in sketched and the parameter in 3D model in CAD, we then run the finite element analysis and form finding to finalize the actual membrane shape and form of the fabric tensile structure. The input of loading information is necessary at this stage such as stress, wind loads, snow loads, rain loads, cable loads and etc. The form finding process will normally takes times, if the process is not successfully re-evaluation of concept and parameter is necessary. When the final form of the tensile fabric structure has been achieved we will be able to perform another stage to retrieve and generate the reaction forces and preliminary steel sizing for the tensile fabric structure.

During the second phase, we also analyze wind loads, reaction loads and steel structure in tensile fabric. We also conduct rain and snow resistance analysis to ensure sufficient tensioned on the fabric of tensile structure.

Tensile fabric design is all about creativity, knowledge and expertise and hard-work followed by dedication. TE Membrane has all these qualities to bring all your structural visions and imaginations into reality. We inspire, visualize and create for your best benefits when it comes to tensile fabric design & engineering.