How to Address Slack and Loose in Tensile Fabric Structures

Expert Guidance on Addressing Slack and Loose Tensile Fabric Structures: Risks and Solutions Introduction Tensile fabric structures have become a hallmark of modern architecture, admired for their aesthetic appeal and functional advantages, such as providing shade and creating unique architectural forms. However, a common issue that often arises post-installation is the appearance of slack and […]

How to Tackle Issues with Tensile Membrane Seams and Reinforcements

Expert Guidance on Tackling Issues with Tensile Membrane Seams and Reinforcements Tensile membrane structures are an innovative and visually striking addition to modern architecture, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. However, achieving a flawless finish, especially regarding seam lines and reinforcements, requires meticulous attention to detail in design, fabrication, and installation. This article delves into […]

Here’s a breakdown of why biaxial test data is essential for fabrication in tensile membrane structure

During the fabrication process of tensile membrane structures, biaxial test data plays a critical role in ensuring the final product meets the desired form, functionality, and safety requirements. Here’s a breakdown of why biaxial test data is essential for fabrication: Accurate Panel Cutting: Optimizing Panel Seams: Predicting Fabric Behavior During Tensioning: Benefits of Using Biaxial […]

Tensile Fabric Structure Manufacturing & Fabrication

Tensile fabric structure manufacturing and fabrication are both hosted in-house at TE Membrane & Partners. In-house manufacturing and fabrication allows as to give close monitoring on the quality of architectural materials and right fabrication method being employed. We fabricate all the component of fabric and steel structure of tensile fabric structure in-house. Fabric Fabrication TE […]

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