Fitting and securing ETFE foil with aluminum profiles

Fitting and securing ETFE foil with aluminum profiles

ETFE aluminum profiles casings are designed with high precision using advanced 3D software, ensuring a perfect fit and secure installation. Integrating ETFE systems into traditional buildings is made practical through the use of aluminum profiles. Here’s how it works:

  1. Precision Design:
    • 3D Software: The design process employs sophisticated 3D software to create ETFE casings with exceptional accuracy, ensuring each piece fits perfectly within the overall structure.
  2. Integration with Aluminum Profiles:
    • Ease of Installation: Aluminum profiles simplify the installation of the ETFE membrane. These profiles are designed to hold the ETFE securely, allowing for easy and precise attachment to the building’s substructure.
    • Managing Tolerances: The attachment system, usually involving flanges and T-shaped anchors, accommodates any construction tolerances, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
  3. Types of Aluminum Profiles:
    • Single Profiles: Used for straightforward installations where thermal breaks are not necessary. These profiles are simple yet effective in securing the ETFE membrane.
    • Double Profiles: Employed in installations requiring additional strength or where a thermal break is necessary to reduce the risk of thermal bridging. Double profiles provide enhanced performance in terms of structural support and thermal insulation.
  4. Special Applications:
    • Thermal Break Design: For projects needing additional thermal management, aluminum profiles can be designed with thermal breaks. These breaks reduce the risk of thermal bridging, improving the overall energy efficiency of the building.
  5. Superior Durability Over Glass Panels:
    • Long-Term Integrity: Unlike glass panels where silicone joints may degrade over time, ETFE systems secured with aluminum profiles offer superior long-term durability. The mechanical fastening of ETFE membranes ensures that the seals remain intact and effective, preventing issues related to joint failure that can occur with glass panels.


Using single and double aluminum profiles to secure ETFE membranes combines ease of installation with high precision and adaptability. This method ensures that ETFE systems can be seamlessly integrated into traditional building structures, providing robust, thermally efficient, and visually appealing solutions. Moreover, the superior durability of ETFE over glass panels, especially in terms of maintaining watertight seals, makes it an excellent choice for long-term performance and reliability.

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