Tensile Fabric Structure of Cleaning and Maintenance

With the cleaning and maintenance stages of tensile fabric structures, we created a standard of tensile membrane structure cleaning program to cover all areas of the fabric roof and its steel membranes by following our very own checklists as below:

For cleaning procedure:


  •  check and clean any debris build up
  • check and clear water drainage
  • check any possible sign of vandalism
  • check any possible sign of fabric failure including seam, tear and colour change.
  • cleaning of vandalism on frames and fixings of the membrane
  • check for corrosion on steel frame and joint
  • check on paint work
  • check on all fittings and cables tension and material conditioned

For maintenance procedure and services:

  • cleaning
  • risk assessments
  • emergency repairs
  • re-stressing fabrics and steel membranes to ensure durability
  • safety inspections for the whole structure
  • Integrity assessments and report

Right and constant supervision is rendered to our highly knowledgeable cleaners and maintenance people to assure our clients that their fabric structure is thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Not only that, we give high regard to safety as well.

Installation, cleaning and maintenance works of fabric structures nowadays are very challenging and requires skilled workers that are highly trained. TE Membrane makes sure that all our on-site team of experts are all equipped and skilled handling walk-on nets, ropes/climbing harnesses and even mobile elevated working platforms.

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