Incompetent or Best Tensile Fabric Structures Company

How do you differentiate the best tensile fabric specialist with the incompetent one? Given all the information and visual representation of what you need in a tensile fabric structure, it is still hard to evaluate which one is better than the other, and which one is legitimate and not. Often times some contractors are very good at project bidding but not really at the top of their game or even doing good in designing and installing tensile fabric structures. What makes it even more worse, they work beyond their comfort zone.

Choosing an incompetent tensile fabric specialist possesses a high risk on your structure and can greatly impact the project as a whole. Working with unqualified design engineer and architect may give you a stunning design can make you think that you got yourself a great deal of a contractor. But in reality, the design itself is a hoax and may not work in the engineering and materials limitation and may have even failed all series of structural tests such as finite element analysis, load analysis, form finding and many others. Incompetent contractors can even give you construction materials or claim to be equalvalent materials with much lower price that have not undergone quality control and test of time. Another problem you may face once the project fails is that the company you hired may not agree to redo the project after it is completely turned over. This will double your expenses by correcting the error than making everything right from the start. Some providing an incomplete scope of work  and costing with many exclusion of work in order to provide a false impression of low price.

Now, how do you know if the tensile fabric specialist is not qualified to do your project?

Accomplished Projects – An incompetent specialist may not have a proven record of a finished project, or if they did, it can be a structure that have not passed any quality standard. Pay attention to those contractors who takes credit on other’s work and accomplishments. You may not want to deal with a contractor that steals ideas from others. Chances are, your design and ideas will end up on another client.

Giving Extra Mile – Experienced and thrust-worthy tensile fabric specialists may even give you better suggestions to make the project even more successful without adding further cost by doing value engineering in tensile fabric design. This shows how dedicated they are with their work and values their clients. Incompetent contractors does not carry this principle at all.

Does Not Go for Options – Does your contractor just offers you a standard tensile membrane structure design ? Or automatic statements of safety? This may mean that they have not weighed their options and practiced a detailed methodology or risk assessment in the execution of tensile fabric structure. You would know if you pay closer to the details of their proposal.

Standard Price for All Projects – Incompetent tensile fabric specialists have standard price for small-scale and large structural projects. Only one estimator presents the price and just have all the departments from design, fabrication and manufacturing, installation and maintenance to have their budgets adapt to the standard price provided, never consider the complexity of design, fabrication and installation.

Strong Team – Experienced tensile fabric specialists comes with key-persons from each department from engineer, designer, project manager and rigger. They all sit down with you to present all the details, project expectations and everything you need to know to get the project done with quality in tensile fabric structure.

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