The design flexibility of Tensile fabric structures.

Membrane structures and fabric roofs are becoming commonplace in industrial, commercial, agriculture, sports venue, home utility and service construction today.

Many of the most striking designs built in the past 50 years incorporate a fabric roof made from tensile membrane. Personal storage sheds utilize Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia, usually over a steel frame, to provide light weight, portable shelters in back yards and driveways throughout the country.

Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia

Highway snow removal is improved thanks to large salt storage facilities in remote areas. Many of these facilities have seen wood frame sheds replaced with Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia consisting of tensile fabric stretched over steel frames set on concrete pony walls. They provide dryer shelter and usually have a larger capacity and higher clearance to facilitate large equipment. All on about the same footprint of the original shed.

Sports arenas on every continent and in every climate zone have tensile membrane fabric roofs where there used to be steel girders, sheet metal, tar and gravel. Retractable roofs are now lighter and require less superstructure for support.

Farmers are benefiting from the translucence of Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia for barns, livestock shade houses, hay storage and equipment shelters.

Equestrians are riding in brightly sunlit arenas without the glare of direct sunlight and with exceptional clear spans for unobstructed performances with uninterrupted spectator sight lines.

Do you need a shelter for the second car or the vintage car project? Pick up a tensile fabric structure at your nearest automotive or industrial supply store and install it yourself.

Having a wedding party in the back yard? Order up a party tent made from tensile membrane.

Tensile membranes integrated in a fabric roof often cover outdoor performances in music bowls around the world. Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia covered walkways and bus shelters are dryer in the rain and cooler in the bright sunshine while displaying unique, aesthetically pleasing designs.

Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia

Of these options for the application of tensile fabric structures, the bulk are functional buildings with little need to inspire awe in the user or visitor. They will for, the most part, fall into the style of arched or sloped fabric roofs with compression structural walls and framing to support the tensioned fabric covering. Alternatively, shelters, sheds and temporary storage will most often have a complete framed structure arch with the tensile membrane stretched over it. They are sometimes referred to as hoop houses

Although there are many examples of pleasing and even awe inspiring designs in smaller projects, the most striking design concepts occur in larger sites were the real advantages of the medium can be exploited.

Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia

The statistics of a few examples of these structures give an idea of the possibilities opened up with the development of the lightweight material inputs in tensile fabric structures.

The Millennium Dome (located in east London, England) is one of the largest domes of it’s type. Opened in 2000 as an exhibition venue, it is 365 metre diameter is supported on twelve 100-metre high towers. This tensile fabric roof is made of PTFE coated glass fibre and Peaks out at 52 metres above the floor.

  1. C. Place stadium in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, originally opened in 1983 with an inflated dome fabric roof made of Teflon coated fibreglass tensile fabric. In 2007 ice build up exceeded the design specifications and a tear resulted in the collapse of the tensile fabric structure. In 2010, after a temporary repair to the structure, work began on a new tensile fabric roof and extensive modifications to the support structure. The result features the largest cable supported retractable roof in the world. The total collapse or a standard roof would inevitably result in the need to remove and replace the entire structure.

The Nimes Arena in Nemes, France; The Gerry Weber Stadium in Westphalia, Germany; the German Pavillion from Expo 1992 in Savill a, Spain; are further illustrations of the varied uses and design flexibility of inflated tensile fabric structures.

Even more freedom of design concept is facilitated

Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia

But there are several other tools in the hands of tensile fabric structure specialists. Cable suspended tensile fabric structures like the Algarve Stadium in Loule, Portugal; mast supported structures such as the Chene Park Amphitheatre in Detroit Michigan, USA or the frame supported Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia represented by the Izumo Dome in Izumo Japan.

The opening dates of his small sampling of structures created using Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia spans 40 years. As the materials improve and as the Tensile membrane construction companies gain experience and understanding of the products, the envelope will be expanded and our skyline will be enhanced.

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