Are Tensile Membrane Structures Free of Vandalism?

Unfortunately, tensile membrane structures are not vandal proof just all other forms of structures. However, TE Membrane works its way to make all our tensile membrane projects vandal-free as possible we could. We always vandalism as a parameter to be checked when it comes to designing tensile fabric structures and is a part of our checklist and design requirement & parameter. We carefully study the location and height where it will be installed and see if it is vulnerable with vandalism.

As specialists in tensile membrane structures-PVC, PTFE, ETFE Structure and HDPE Sun shade sail , TE Membrane provide invaluable insights and solutions in the area of tensile fabric structure. Their experience ensures your project benefits from cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and structurally sound designs in tensile membrane manufacturing and completion of tensile membrane structure for roof and wall. Collaborate with them to expertly manage geometry selection, fabrication, and installation for a successful outcome membrane structure . TE Membrane ranges of services included in design & engineering fabric structure, cleaning & maintenance membrane structure and removal & replacement of tensile membrane, Custom Fabric Structured , Standard Tensioned Umbrellas , fabric fabrication outsourcing and fabric strcture aluminum extrusion.

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