What Services Do TE Membrane Provide?

What services does TE Membrane bring? TE Membrane has high specialization with tensile membrane structures which makes all our designers, architects and structural engineers expert in this field of engineering. We provide full architectural tensile fabric solution such as the following: Complete Custom Tensile Fabric Structures Complete Standard Tensile Umbrella Structure Design & Engineering of […]

Benefits of ETFE Membrane Roof

ETFE is known as Ethylene Tetraflouroethylene which is a polymer compound, also known as plastic material, has the following tremendous core qualities, that if used for tensile fabric structures, can create a very remarkable roof system: ability to endure heat due to its high melting temperature threshold can withstand radiation resistant to chemical and electrical […]

What Is The Frequency Of Cleaning & Maintenance for Tensile Membrane Structure?

Cleaning & Maintenance of tensile membrane structures are not very hard. It only needs a proper cleaning program and all be well. The location of the fabric structure determines the frequency of cleaning. Other locations are vulnerable to dust and debris and others have mild pollutants. Structures that are built in urban places where dirt […]

What Are The Applications of Tensile Membrane Structures?

Tensile membrane structures can be used in many areas and application. In fact, it can be used whenever and wherever. With its easy and fast installations, tensile membrane structure applications are limitless. It can be used as a facility for government, hospitality, schools and universities, industrial, sporting events, arenas, walkways, restaurants, gardens, residential, retail outlets […]

Are Tensile Membrane Structures Free of Vandalism?

Unfortunately, tensile membrane structures are not vandal proof just all other forms of structures. However, TE Membrane works its way to make all our tensile membrane projects vandal-free as possible we could. We always vandalism as a parameter to be checked when it comes to designing tensile fabric structures and is a part of our […]

How Long Can a Tensile Membrane Structure Last ?

A lifespan of a tensile membrane structure is dependent on the budget of the project. The budget determines what design and materials are needed for the construction of the tensile membrane structure. For instance on fabric roof systems, there are several fabric types with corresponding lifespan. Silicon coated glass fibre fabrics and ETFE, PTFE fabrics, […]

What Tensile Fabric Construction Codes Do You Follow?

Yes, TE Membrane follows Australian Lightweight Tensile Structure Guidelines & Codes. Our membrane engineering comply with the British Standard Codes to strictly address wind, rain and snow loads tackled under BS 6399 sections 2 and 3. For every structure we design and install, we follow these guidelines to ensure that all structures meet safety loadings. […]

Are Tensile Membrane Structures Expensive?

The answer is no. In fact, tensile membrane structures is the best architectural solution ever discovered nowadays. It is the future of architectural structures. Compared to common roof systems such as glass, tensile architectural structures can save you half the material cost together with the fabrication of for the framework and construction time cost. Tensile […]

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