What Is The Frequency Of Cleaning & Maintenance for Tensile Membrane Structure?

Cleaning & Maintenance of tensile membrane structures are not very hard. It only needs a proper cleaning program and all be well. The location of the fabric structure determines the frequency of cleaning. Other locations are vulnerable to dust and debris and others have mild pollutants. Structures that are built in urban places where dirt and grime coming from various air pollutants such as vehicle smoke, smoke coming from factories and others, they require an every 6-months cleaning frequency. For other structures that are far from busy cities can have annual cleaning program for fabric structure.

Method of cleaning of the membrane structure  involves washing down of fabrics using soapy water and soft brush. Soapy or detergent that approved by fabric materials manufacturers.  The cleaning covers the exterior and the interior parts as well. What needs to be checked are any discoloration on the fabric surface, leaf and debris accumulations, removal of dusts and make sure that the overall build of the tensile fabric structure is thoroughly cleaned. The lift equipment to be used will depend on the location and tensile fabric design as well since some structures have higher roof levels and others have limited access, thus requiring a lift with higher reach.

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