Benefits of ETFE Membrane Roof

ETFE is known as Ethylene Tetraflouroethylene which is a polymer compound, also known as plastic material, has the following tremendous core qualities, that if used for tensile fabric structures, can create a very remarkable roof system:

  • ability to endure heat due to its high melting temperature threshold
  • can withstand radiation
  • resistant to chemical and electrical properties

With the above nature and behavior of ETFE, it is tagged as the most efficient roof material to date. In fact, it is the future of all structural needs. It has a wide variety of applications such as agricultural, industrial, government, hospitality, schools and universities, streets, parks and recreations and many more.

Here are some advantages of using ETFE on tensile fabric structures:

Very Lightweight
ETFE comes in foil or film which is very lightweight. This is a good material which only require less steel framework to support its weight. Hence, reducing the cost for the materials. Since it is very light, it also almost does not add any load that may impose stress on a building if it is decided to be built as an addition or an extension. This is why it is considered as roof of the future because of its free-form characteristic.

Safe, Reliable and Cleaning Efficient
ETFE roofs are safe and reliable. Given proper care and maintenance, ETFE materials can last longer up to 30 years. It can be self-cleaning as well since dirt and debris do not easily retain on the ETFE surface and can be washed by rain water.

Good Insulation Quality
ETFE roofing is also great to use in any kinds of climate due to its insulation characteristic. On winter or cold seasons, ETFE maintains the heat, creating a warm feeling in its covered areas. In contrast, during extreme heat conditions of the summer season, ETFE keeps off heat away from the structure, creating a humid and lowered temperature inside the structure. It tries to obtain 0.1W/m2k U-values for a roof which is impossible for other roof systems.

Thermal and Solar Control
Solar radiation is of great concern as occurrences of heat waves are now apparent in any parts of the world. What makes ETFE an advantage in roof systems is its capability to repel heat from the tensile structure. There are several ways on how ETFE can perform this behaviour such as tinting and surface treatments. This makes ETFE films and foils to be a form of thermal control. It keeps off heat at a certain time during day time.

Pro-Green Campaign
Since ETFE is safe to environment, construction of tensile fabric structures are very eco-friendly and impose no harm to environment through materials fabrication, manufacturing and installation stages.

Natural Lighting
ETFE fabrics can mimic a glass-like characteristic of a roof. What is more amazing with ETFE is that it allows about 90% of natural light of the day which is more than what a glass roofing can allow which in reality block about 30% of natural day light. All people who have gone to an ETFE roofing is known to have help improve with Seasonal Adjustment Disorder.

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