Q&A for HDPE Sun shade Sail Mesh – Owner Important Reference Guide

Q&A for HDPE Sunshade Mesh What is HDPE Sun shade sail Mesh? Q: What is HDPE sun shade mesh? A: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sunshade mesh is a type of fabric made from HDPE material, designed to provide shading and UV protection. It is commonly used in outdoor structures to reduce heat and protect against harmful […]

Kinetic Facade and Roof in Tensile Membrane Structure

Kinetic Facade and Roof in Tensile Membrane Structure: Mimicking Nature’s Bloom with Intelligent Design Let’s delve into the intelligent design of a kinetic facade and roof that transforms like blooming petals in a hexagonal or octagonal shape, tracking the sun’s movement. This design offers a captivating aesthetic while maintaining the core functionalities explored previously. We’ll […]

Tensile Fabric Engineering & Analysis

Tensile Architecture Structure Design Process TE Membrane strictly observes BS 6399 Pt 1 BS Loading Code – Dead and Live Loads, BS 6399 Pt 2 BS Loading Code – Wind Loads and BS 5950 BS Steel Structures Code and makes sure that we comply with it during our tensile fabric structure design and engineering stages. […]

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