Tensile Fabric Engineering & Analysis

Tensile Architecture Structure Design Process

TE Membrane strictly observes BS 6399 Pt 1 BS Loading Code – Dead and Live Loads, BS 6399 Pt 2 BS Loading Code – Wind Loads and BS 5950 BS Steel Structures Code and makes sure that we comply with it during our tensile fabric structure design and engineering stages. All materials used and method of fabrication are carefully selected and undergo quality control, quality assurance and quality inspections to have the best and finest qualities and comply to tensile fabric structure standard . This way, we are sure to build the most quality and durable tensile fabric structure that will stand the test of time. Along with that, we spend in-depth focus on tensile fabric engineering and analysis, creating a sensible solution to address common tensile fabric structure problems such as fabrication issue, winkle, deflection, uneven stress, wear and tear, weather, cleaning methodology and others that may arise during and after installation.

TE Membrane has the latest and up-to-date fabric fabrication method and technology. All fabrications are in-house for all fabric types ideal for architectural tensioned fabric structures and tension membrane such as Teflon coated fiberglass membranes, PVC/ polyester PVDF coated membranes and Architectural grade shade mesh, silicone fabric and ETFE. There are from renowned and reputable material suppliers from Serge Ferrari, Versaidag, Mehler, Chukoh, Tarconic and Atex.

Engineering and Analysis TE Membrane conducts intensive engineering analysis to make the best tensile fabric design with right tensiled to withstand weather and load resistant. We perform load cases to represent series load cases including self-weight, balance stat and many different wind load combination of up, down and cross wind factor acting on tensile fabric structure. The fabric structure is then subjected to tensile stress and strength testing and should pass all criteria based on the right selection of fabric type and thickness. All load and displacement calculations are gathered and analyzed. During the stage of engineering and analysis, we give importance and high attention to form finding, loading and non-linear analysis of the membrane.

Our engineers makes sure that the engineering issue is resolved while the architects keep it aesthetic. One of the main features and assets of all our designs is that it adopts to the urgency of the project. All of our pre-designed fabric roof and tension fabric structure are 100% strong and sturdy. Our architects and engineers designs every tensile fabric structure based on quality structure. This is one factor plays a big role for clients’ decisions when planning and building their very own fabric roof system. We also adapt every design to go with the application of the fabric roof. Whether it will be used in sports enclosures, entertainment, retail sector and exhibitions or s permanent tensile fabric structure on a building or the main feature of a landscape, every inch of detail is re-engineered for durability and quality. For more information on our tensile fabric engineering and analysis. Next we explore tensile fabric structure manufacturing & fabrication details.

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