Tensile Fabric Structure Manufacturing & Fabrication

Tensile fabric structure manufacturing and fabrication are both hosted in-house at TE Membrane & Partners. In-house manufacturing and fabrication allows as to give close monitoring on the quality of architectural materials and right fabrication method being employed. We fabricate all the component of fabric and steel structure of tensile fabric structure in-house.

Fabric Fabrication

TE Membrane is a reputed tensile fabric structure company with experience and commitment to the tensile membrane structure quality standards in membrane fabrication.

We are experience in fabricate and use various selection of architecture fabric materials below :

✓PVC Coated Polyester,
✓PTFE Coated Fiberglass
✓Uncoated PTFE Fibre
✓Silicon Coated Glass
✓ETFE Foil
✓HDPE Shade Cloth
✓Polyester Lycra

The materials selection depend on project specification with varying degrees of warranty, light translucency, reflection, UV protection, fire rating, self cleaning, expected cleaning & maintenance schedule and life expectancy long life.

Our state of the art equipment including a automated computer plotter cutter and fabric welding seaming machine. These ensures accuracy and superior fabrication quality to meet tensile fabric structure industry standard. Tension membrane structures are fabricated utilizing the reinforcement seaming details to have strongest seams applicable to the fabric. We utilize heat seaming sealing machine, radio frequency (RF) seaming sealing machine and sewn seams utilizing PTFE thread which provides the longest life expectancy in the industry standard. Our fabric design patterning is pre-plan and arrange in nesting software to ensure accurate fabric procurement and maximum usage of fabric based on the right arrangement, sewing and cutting crews utilize the most advanced computer controlled cutting technology available which provides precision load analysis and tight tolerance and right planning.

We have the best manpower that do very well with the fabric fabrication process. TE Membrane provides our fabrication team rigorous technology and safety trainings to create the most skilled workers and competitive materials there is in the world of tensile membrane structure.

During fabrication of fabrics, we subject all our fabrics to Biaxial Testing. The test procedure includes stretching the fabric in two opposing directions to check durability and strength when subjected to load requirements to get accurate compensation value on all our tensile fabric structure. Elongation or break of fabric and tear strength are tested also to ensure that the fabric material is in perfect quality.

Steel Fabrication

All steelworks are done in-house for TE Membrane. We have well-versed tensile membrane steel fabricators who are very knowledgeable with tensile membrane architecture and structural detail and finishes. We cut our cleats and plates with laser or CNC cutting machines and highly skilled steel fabricators and machine operators that perform the cutting, bending and welding.

Consistently, we provide superior quality welding that meets various industry standards as well as the expectations. We provide invaluable structural testing services including structural steel welding inspection based on scope of work for Non-Destructive Testing, Visual Inspection and Ultrasonic Testing (UT)Magnetic Particle Testing (MT).

Over years of experience, we have positive feedback from our clients and made them sturdy and durable tensile fabric structures that are aesthetic and lasts longer than expected.

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