Tensile Fabric Structure Installation & Maintenance

Tensile fabric structure installation and maintenance processes are executed with extreme caution and safety. These two stages of a fabric structure project are critical to the success of achieving the most durable and remarkable roof system.

TE Membrane Tensile Fabric Structure Scope of Installation

TE Membrane has over 14 years of experience in the installation of tensile membrane structures. Project management experience become one of the important skilled in the success execution of good installation of tensile fabric structure. We operate even in the most challenging locations, tight deadlines and whatever conditions deemed safe.

Our Project Management team ensures that the following guidelines are met for all our tensile fabric structure project prior to installation of the tensile fabric structure:

  •  All safety criteria is met which includes safety gadgets and equipment including safety measures to obtain 0% casualties during the construction and installation phase.
  •  All operating machines are inspected and needs to be 100% running and are in good condition.
  •  All materials should be quality control passed and align to safety standards.

TE Membrane’s installation team exists out a core of very experienced membrane installation structure and experienced membrane installation Supervisors. The installation work is done by the local provided labour and plant of the steel fabricator.

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