What Services Do TE Membrane Provide?

What services does TE Membrane bring?

TE Membrane has high specialization with tensile membrane structures which makes all our designers, architects and structural engineers expert in this field of engineering. We provide full architectural tensile fabric solution such as the following:

  • Complete Custom Tensile Fabric Structures
  • Complete Standard Tensile Umbrella Structure
  • Design & Engineering of Tensile Fabric Structure Consultancy
  • Fabrication Services for Fabric Plotting and Welding
  • Fabrication Services for Structural Steel
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Services for Tensile Fabric Roof
  • Repair Services for Tensile Fabric Structure
  • Inspection, Integrity report and Assessment Report

The five architectural membrane types we work with are:

✓ PTFE coated fibre glass membranes;
(Polytetrafluoroethylene coated fibre glass membrane)
✓ PVC/ polyester PVDF coated membranes;
(Polyvinylidene fluoride coated Polyvinyl chloride membrane)
✓Silicon Coated Glass Fibre Fabrics
✓Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, ETFE
✓ Architectural grade shade mesh, HDPE fabric

In general, TE Membrane works its best to offer you all kinds of services concerning tensile membrane structures. We never stop innovating our services to give you the top quality tensile membrane structure which can be one of the world’s most remarkable structures for all time. Learn more of our tensile fabric services.

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