What Tensile Fabric Construction Codes Do You Follow?

Yes, TE Membrane follows Australian Lightweight Tensile Structure Guidelines & Codes. Our membrane engineering comply with the British Standard Codes to strictly address wind, rain and snow loads tackled under BS 6399 sections 2 and 3. For every structure we design and install, we follow these guidelines to ensure that all structures meet safety loadings. Therefore, our team of designers, architects and structural engineers performs a series of tests and calculations for data analysis to come up with the best design option which can perform in under various climate conditions and works well with the geographic area where the tensile fabric structure will be built in the world. The final analysis result should be in accordance with the construction codes which should be visible in all paperwork.

Not every tensile fabric specialist follows this strict guidelines. Hence, prior to designing the tensile structure, discuss every detail of the location where the structure will be installed such as weather conditions and changes every year and other climate occurrences the structure may face once it is up. This is will help you choose the right material such as fabric to resist the climate conditions and will ensure safety and practical application of the fabric structure.

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