Why fabric structure is chosen for architectural solution?

Every tensile structure requires the right solution to meet every aspect of its architectural element such as design and build, framework, durability and reliability. As the trend of structural architecture progresses and the quest to find the most unique, minimalistic and remarkable structural designs continues, various architectural solutions arise. One of the most fascinating developments and grandest breakthrough of the modern-day architectural solution are tensile membrane structures.

Tensile membrane structures surpasses all expectations and solves almost all structural struggles and challenges faced by designers, architects, engineers and clients themselves. Aside from its fast installation, the discovery of its various benefits and advantages makes it very flexible to use.

One of the types of tensile membrane structure is fabric tensile structure which is a direct and absolute solution to roof systems that require a lot of parameter when it comes to effective roofing. TE Membrane shares facts and ideas to make you understand the advantage and reasons why fabric structures are chosen as the best architectural solution.

Fabric Structure in a Nutshell

There are many applications for tensile fabric structures.To permanent wide span structures such as sports arenas, stadiums and others one can imagine, fabric structures offers infinite possibilities. . It is very ideal for government, schools, hospitality, public spaces, malls, walkways on streets and more.

Here are the reasons why fabric structures are the best architectural solutions today:

Free-form and Flexibility

  • Fabric structures are free-form in nature. This what makes fabric structures flexible. Whether you are planning to build a small-scale of gigantic fabric roof system, fabric structures can be extended due to its open-edge framework which allows additional membrane structure and roofing.

Visually Stimulating/Stunning

  •  People find fabric structures fascinating and thus attracts more customers for business owners who have chosen this kind of solution as another form of marketing campaign. Not only that, its dramatic effect offers a genuine experience for people. Fabric structures can be in any shape and form with materials that are easily manufactured and fabricated.

Natural Lighting

  •  Where environmental concerns are at utmost priority, fabric structures tops the list of the most eco-friendly structures. Fabric roofing creates natural lighting by allowing light to penetrate the fabric and disperses throughout the covered area. This saves up to 80% of energy consumed for lighting.

Fast Fabrication and Installation

  •  Fabrics and steel materials for the installation of tensile fabric structures are easily fabricated and manufactured off site. Cut to its desired form and shape, the membrane structure can complete from design to installation in no time.


  •  Fabric roofing has average lifespan of more than 35 years. But the advantage is, re-skinning and upgrading the fabric whenever necessary can cut down cots if you will have to re-build and and replacement purposes.

Absolute Architectural Solution

  •  Tensile fabrics are effective with building upgrades or converting an empty space into something useful, easy to match new and old building architecture and with tensile fabrics, possibilities are endless!



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