Finite Element Software in the Fabric Structure Design

TE Membrane uses a variety of the most advanced finite element analysis software and programs.

Using finite element software for fabric design structure, simulations are done and helps to evaluate a material or a design’s reaction to outside factors. The goal of every tensile engineering study and finite element analysis is to have the tensile fabric structure operating and performing well as desired under all conditions. The use of software and programs during the finite element analysis procedure is of advantage and engineers to stimulate near actual situation and conditioned. The program many possible combination of load cases and calculations a help achieve the reliable results.

Using the software or program is not simple. The user should be aware and very knowledgeable with engineering concepts such as axial force, plate force, stress and strains, load reactions and others before trying to input details in the software. Each of these concepts interacts with one another and has an impact if one changes its position and values.

At TE Membrane, we make use of finite element analysis programs and software to rely on data that it provides and evaluated by our structural engineer. We heavily rely on the software calculations to ensure that we come up with the best engineering solution  for any  architectural design. FEA helps to notice stress points, framework and reinforcements and a model that will give the most stable design but never compromises the reliability of the structure.

In over-all, the basic idea of finite element analysis is to give the tensile fabric structure design an ultimate stress and load to verify its endurance. Minor or major adjustments are then performed until the membrane design arrives to a perfect conditioned and structure simulation to promote safety and make sure that the structure stands the test of time.


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