What is ETFE Roof?

TE Membrane is one of the leading and world-class tensile membrane structure companies, delivering ETFE roofing to a higher level for architectural solution in the field of tensile fabric. We have the best and well-versed designers, architects and structural engineers who have accomplished and completed numbers of tensile fabric structures both local and international.


Scientifically known as Ethylene Tetraflouroethylene, ETFE is a plastic material based on flourine.

ETFE on Tensile Fabric Structure

When used as a fabric material roofing, it is discovered as the most efficient material there is. ETFE comes as a flexible film or foil which makes it lightweight and transparent that makes it an energy-saver. It is very effective alternative to glass roofing.

With high susceptibility to heat, ETFE can neither shrink nor expand. It also has very high melting point which is why it is desired in countries with higher climate temperatures. In contrast with heat, ETFE fabrics can also endure extreme cold and works well in countries that experience autumn spells.

ETFE roofing is easy to clean and maintain and thus makes it cost-efficient. In fact, it requires less to no external cleaning since it can easily be washed by rain water. Dirt and debris do not build up easily on ETFE surface.

ETFE is lightweight and if used as a part of a roof system , it does not pass any weight on the main building. Hence, it is very ideal to use as an extended roofing, an add-on on buildings for long span design.

Lifespan is another factor to consider during the design phase of a tensile fabric structure. ETFE can last up to 35, given proper care and maintenance

Lastly, ETFE roof systems promotes green campaign to protect and preserve the environment.


Should you be interested on ETFE fabric for your tensile fabric structure, consult with us and we would be glad to help out!




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