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DBKL Carpark Restaurant Perdana Botanical Garden

We take great pride in our professional and confident execution of the tensile membrane project at DBKL Carpark Restaurant in Perdana Botanical Garden. Within a remarkably short timeframe, we successfully conceptualized, designed, and engineered a structure to expand the restaurant’s food court area, effectively addressing the high traffic demands it encounters. Our design, characterized by an long 8-meter span with straight edges, not only maximizes space efficiency but also provides extensive coverage for patrons. Utilizing premium PTFE fabric in architectural fabric, our structure incorporates integrated gutters for efficient water management, ensuring uninterrupted comfort and shelter for diners, even during adverse weather conditions. This recognition serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and innovative engineering solutions that elevate the dining experience while setting new standards in membrane structure design.


TE Membrane a specialists in tensile membrane structures, provide invaluable expertise and experience. Their solutions focus on cost-efficiency and high standards of aesthetics and functionality. Rely on their knowledge to expertly navigate project complexities, ensuring a successful and sustainable outcome in any tensile fabric structure application.


Membrane Canopy Usage:


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