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HDPE Sun Shade Sail Palawan Beach Sentosa Island

This innovative tensile membrane structure sun shade solution is our partner project in Singapore. At the renowned tourist attraction of Sentosa Island’s Palawan Beach, our tensile membrane structure featuring HDPE sun shade sails stands out not only for its striking hyperbolic shape but also for the practical benefits it offers. Designed to captivate visitors with its architectural elegance, the wind rated shade sail seamlessly integrates into the beach setting, providing essential shade and comfort for those looking to relax by the seaside. This installation enhances the beach experience, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of Palawan Beach while staying protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

TE Membrane is the leading authority in architectural innovation and engineering for Tensile Membrane Structures featuring PVC, PTFE, ETFE & HDPE. We excel in applying advanced architectural and engineering principles to create large-span designs that redefine conventional architecture. Our solutions are the most creative, insightful, and cost-effective in the industry, transforming ordinary buildings into extraordinary structures in architecture tensile membrane solution.

Membrane Canopy Usage:


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