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HDPE Sun Shade Sail for Holland International School

This innovative tensile membrane structure sun shade solution is our partner project in Singapore.

Our HDPE sun shade sails have become a popular choice for private and international schools worldwide, providing superior shading solutions for students of all ages. Recognized for their exceptional quality and durability, these tensile membrane structures allow students to utilize outdoor spaces comfortably, even during peak sunlight hours. The material offers consistent protection by blocking over 90% of harmful UV rays, thanks to its strong support and vibrant, aesthetically pleasing design. Not only do these shades enhance the safety and comfort of outdoor areas, but they also create a lively, carnival-like atmosphere. Holland International School, exemplifies this trend, offering a rich educational environment supported by these top-tier, long-lasting sunshade solutions. With a century of educational experience in Singapore, the school utilizes our shades to ensure a safe and engaging learning environment. The school’s two learning streams—English and Dutch—both benefit from the protection and comfort provided by our sunshade sails, enabling students to thrive in a nurturing and secure setting.

TE Membrane to promote tensile fabric structure projects in the SEA region. Together, we are committed to excellence, establishing ourselves as the authority in architectural innovation and engineering for Tensile Membrane Structures. Our expertise in applying architectural and engineering principles enables us to create large-span designs that redefine traditional architecture. We deliver the most creative, insightful, and cost-effective solutions, transforming ordinary buildings into extraordinary landmarks.

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