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Iconic Tensile Fabric at D’Tempat Country Club Seremban

At D’Tempat Country Club in Seremban! Our tensile membrane structure isn’t just shade for the pool; it’s a captivating centerpiece, a true iconic landmark that embodies the spirit of D’Tempat. It’s a custom-crafted representation of innovation design, engineering  and exclusivity tensile fabric roofing, a perfect reflection of Matrix Group’s vision for a one-of-a-kind township.

Months of meticulous planning by our design virtuosos culminated in a structure that transcends mere function. Imagine a playful giant – a 3D steel frame reaching out towards the pool area, a testament to our engineering prowess, holding aloft a billowing tensile membrane canopy. This isn’t just a functional masterpiece; it’s a conversation starter, an emblem of exclusivity that whispers, “Welcome to the extraordinary.” The D’Tempat Country Club experience isn’t just about amenities; it’s about pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable moments. Our tensile membrane structure is the symbol of that – a whimsical touch of luxury that elevates your poolside relaxation and becomes a unique brand statement for D’Tempat. So come experience the D’Tempat difference – where luxury meets whimsy under a tensile masterpiece, and where every moment becomes a memory etched in the fabric of exclusivity.

With TE Membrane, your tensile membrane structure and ETFE project is in expert hands. Their proficiency in both in tensile fabric structure and ETFE membrane structures and joint venture experience guarantees superior solutions focused on cost-effectiveness and high standards of aesthetics and functionality. Trust them to deliver sustainable and successful outcomes for a top tier in membrane strcutures design.

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