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Tensile Fabric Structure Pt Flamindo Pool

At PT Flamindo Jakarta, the architecture tensile fabric structure elegantly covers the pool, creating a visually stunning and practical addition to the area. Supported by columns on one side, the membrane’s graceful curvature sets it apart, making a unique statement in both design and beauty. This structure not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also provides essential protection, allowing the pool to be used comfortably during both day and night. The clean lines and innovative design of the membrane structure enhance the pool area, making it a standout feature that blends functionality with artistic flair.

TE Membrane is the leading authority in architectural innovation and engineering for Tensile Membrane Structures featuring PVC, PTFE, ETFE & HDPE. We excel in applying advanced architectural and engineering principles to create large-span designs that redefine conventional architecture. Our solutions are the most creative, insightful, and cost-effective in the industry, transforming ordinary buildings into extraordinary structures in architecture tensile membrane solution.

Membrane Canopy Usage:


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