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Tensile Fabric Structure Large Span Loading & Unloading Bay for Petronas Fertiliser Kedah

TE Membrane has many tensile membrane structures with the Petronas Group and continues to flourish in coming year cooperation to cater their needs. The recent project awarded by their Petronas Group industrial and manufacturing division. This collaboration highlights TE Membrane’s expertise in crafting functional solutions for large-scale applications. The design features a tensile membrane structure meticulously tailored to accommodate a vast area for the loading and unloading bay area. This maximizes space utilization with design span, ensuring a smooth flow for forklifts and trailers, significantly streamlining high-traffic operations.  Demonstrating a commitment to both safety and functionality, the structure incorporates to allows personnel to safely harnest to mount onto the safety steel framing with the tensile steel structure.

Durability is paramount in such environments, and this project takes no shortcuts. The chosen membrane boasts a long-lasting lifespan, while the frame is constructed from heavy-duty galvanized steel. This robust combination effectively withstands the high-acidity environment. TE Membrane’s unwavering commitment to efficiency extends beyond design. The project was completed on a fast-track basis, exceeding all of Petronas’ Group requirements. This successful collaboration reinforces TE Membrane’s versatility and unwavering commitment to providing innovative solutions across all sectors, leaving a lasting impression on Petronas and the wider industrial landscape.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our tensile membrane structure and ETFE projects to minimize environmental impact.

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