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Tensile Fabric Structure OUG Foodcourt

OUG raises the bar for open-air dining with a groundbreaking fusion open cafe in their new food court. The centerpiece is a popular Mamak cafe restaurant with the real innovation lies overhead using tensile membrane structures roofing.

The design is a continuous quadruple conical tensile membrane structure. This ingenious design offers not just dramatic aesthetics, but also practical advantages perfect for a food court setting. Unlike traditional roofs requiring extensive columns and supports, tensile membranes utilize minimal structural elements. This translates to maximized space for diners, creating a more open and airy atmosphere. Additionally, the translucent nature of the membrane allows for natural light to filter through, fostering a bright and comfortable environment. The free-form design and high elevation further enhance the open-air feel, offering a truly unique dining experience unlike any other. This forward-thinking approach highlights the power of tensile membrane structures in the food court industry, creating a visually striking and functionally superior space for a memorable dining experience.

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