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Tensile Fabric Structures Putrajaya Botanical Garden

The Putrajaya Botanical Garden has undergone a upgrading and beautiful transformation. The added TE Membrane’s innovative tensile membrane structures into the park. These playful and functional additions seamlessly integrate of tensile fabric roof with the landscape, offering welcoming pockets of shade for visitors meandering through the lush greenery and landscape over looking to the Putrajaya Lakes . TE Membrane’s commitment extends beyond aesthetics. Recognizing the diverse needs of the park’s flora, recent additions include specialized structures that provide essential protection from direct sunlight for delicate exotic plant varieties and visitors.  TE Membrane’s expertise in sustainable design solutions ensures the tensile membrane structures not only regulate natural shade but also contribute to the overall well-being of the garden and visitors. The result is a captivating sanctuary where visitors and a wider variety of plant life can flourish.

TE Membrane has a proven track record of success in delivering exceptional tensile membrane structure projects.

Membrane Canopy Usage:


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