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HDPE Sun Shade Sail Etonhouse International Group

This innovative tensile membrane structure sun shade solution is our partner project in Singapore. Tensile fabric HDPE sun shade sail – EtonHouse International School in Singapore has taken significant strides to ensure the safety and comfort of its students during outdoor activities by installing state-of-the-art tensile membrane structures. The school selected HDPE sun shade sails, which are renowned for their effectiveness in providing protection from the sun and harmful UV rays, screening out up to 90% of sunlight and durable. The design choice minimizes the need for columns, allowing for extensive coverage of play areas for outdoor activity, seamlessly blending with the vibrant colors of all EtonHous. This initiative aligns with EtonHouse’s philosophy that children should take ownership of their learning in a happy and engaging environment. The school’s inquiry-based pedagogy, which has revolutionized early years education, continues to be a beacon of innovative learning from Infant Care to High School, both in Singapore and internationally. We are proud to have been selected to cater to and supply these quality tensile membrane structures sun shade sail for such a prestigious international school, ensuring that the students can enjoy a safe and conducive learning environment outdoors.

TE Membrane to promote tensile fabric structure projects in the SEA region. Together, we are committed to excellence, establishing ourselves as the authority in architectural innovation and engineering for Tensile Membrane Structures. Our expertise in applying architectural and engineering principles enables us to create large-span designs that redefine traditional architecture. We deliver the most creative, insightful, and cost-effective solutions, transforming ordinary buildings into extraordinary landmarks.


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