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Tensile Fabric Structure Labuan Seasport City

Tensile fabric structures in The Labuan Sea Sports City, or Kompleks Sukan Laut Antarabangsa Labuan, has embarked on a voyage of innovation with the incorporation of cutting-edge tensile membrane structures. These impressive additions not only enhance the complex’s functionality but also establish it as a landmark of architectural ingenuity in using fabric structures.

Tensile membrane structures were the ideal choice for Labuan Sports City due to their inherent advantages. Unlike traditional roofing materials that require bulky support structures, tensile membranes offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. This translates to large coverage with minimal columns, maximizing open space and fostering a sense of connection within the tensile membrane structures. Additionally, the lightweight nature of the membranes minimizes the load on the supporting structures, ensuring their suitability for the stromg wind and seaside environment. The translucent nature of the membranes allows natural light to filter through, creating a bright and airy atmosphere within the amphitheater, reducing the need for artificial lighting and promoting energy efficiency.

The amphitheater centerpiece of the project is a magnificent tensile membrane structure gracing the beachfront amphitheater. Spanning a width of 28 meters and supported by strategically placed 15nos of parameter columns, this single conical structure reaches a commanding 14m height.  Complementing the amphitheater is a captivating observation tower, a testament to the versatility of tensile membrane structures. This unique flower-shaped design, boasting a 20-meter diameter, rests gracefully on 8 stainless steel columns. The crowning glory is a lantern-type design at the top, not just a design element, but a functioning beacon symbolizing Labuan Sports City’s dedication to water sports. The use of tensile membranes on the observation tower not only offers a breathtaking panoramic view

This design offers multiple advantages. The tensile membrane provides excellent weather protection for spectators, ensuring year-round usability of the amphitheater. Additionally, the minimal use of support columns maximizes the open space within, fostering a sense of connection and community during events.

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