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Tensile Fabric Structure Sri Klawang Hotel Negeri Sembilan

Tensile fabric structures roofing at Hotel Sri Klawang in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, has embarked on a journey of architectural innovation by incorporating versatile tensile membrane structures into its landscape. These elegant extensions, strategically placed at the left and right hotel entrances, provide additional & expanded coverage for  rain protection, seamlessly blending with the existing design for enhanced functionality and aesthetics.

The true centerpiece, however, lies at the back of the café. Here, a captivating hypar-shaped tensile membrane structure offers clear coverage while showcasing innovative engineering. Cantilevered columns and a near-invisible network of steel cables create a mesmerizing “floating” effect, injecting a touch of sophistication and transforming the café’s outdoor area into a stylish and comfortable haven for guests.  contemporary and functional appeal.

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Membrane Canopy Usage:


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