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Membrane Structure Jacuzzi Seputeh Condo

The tensile fabric structure at the condominium’s jacuzzi pool, by the esteemed Far East Organization in SEA Malaysia, Singapore, is a testament to innovative design and architectural excellence. This striking sail-like structure, with its high elevation, not only provides essential shade but also adds a dramatic visual impact, elevating the pool area to a new level of sophistication. The dynamic design of tensile membrane structure creates a stunning visual contrast with the pool setting, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. This elegant addition invites residents to relax and unwind, offering a perfect blend of sun protection and an inviting atmosphere. The expertly crafted structure reflects the highest standards of design and functionality, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience for all who enjoy it.


As specialists in tensile membrane structures, TE Membrane provide invaluable insights and solutions. Their joint venture experience ensures your project benefits from cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and structurally sound designs. Collaborate with them to expertly manage geometry selection, fabrication, and installation for a successful outcome in your membrane project.

Membrane Canopy Usage:


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