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Tensile Membrane Structure Plaza Melaka

TE Membrane’s tensile membrane structure found it Melaka’s vibrant energy finds its physical embodiment in Plaza Merdeka, a unique venue boasting the city’s largest tensile membrane structure. Spanning an impressive 160 meters long and soaring 18 meters width, the structure gracefully bridges two buildings, creating a long, protective walkway cover. But the true innovation lies in the material itself. Tensile membranes are ideally suited for such large-scale applications. Their inherent strength allows for  coverage with minimal support beams. This translates to a spacious and open environment for pedestrians below, fostering a sense of airiness and freedom. Additionally, the lightweight nature of the membrane minimizes the overall load on the connected buildings. Function seamlessly blends with aesthetics in the design. The barrel vault structure incorporates strategically placed glass panels, allowing natural light to filter through, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. This ingenious combination not only provides essential comfort from the elements, rain or shine, but also promotes energy efficiency by minimizing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. Plaza Merdeka’s groundbreaking and the true vision of the developer the use of tensile membrane technology transcends mere functionality celebrating together with The Explorer Hotel, Melaka, elevating the visual appeal of the space. This innovative material choice exemplifies a perfect marriage of strength, flexibility, and light transmission, solidifying Plaza Merdeka’s position as a vibrant hub in the heart of Melaka.

TE Membrane an experts and specilaist in tensile fabric structure and ETFE membrane structures, bring extensive experience to the table. Their solutions prioritize cost-efficiency and high standards of aesthetics and functionality. Partner with these leaders to navigate the complexities of your project, ensuring sustainable and successful results with strong statement.


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