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Tension Fabric Structure at Bukit Antabangsa Petronas Petrol Station

Petronas Bukit Antarabangsa boasts a unique shopping experience with TE Membrane’s iconic tensile membrane structure. The main entrance features to the entrace of Giant Superstore is a conical design tensile membrane structure, gracefully supported by a single central mast. The three edges seamlessly connect to the building with high-precision detailing, utilizing high-grade 316 stainless steel for both strength and modern aesthetics. This breathtaking design by TE Membrane transforms the station into a shopping haven, offering both convenience and a visually striking landmark.

Petronas Group, a leader in the petroleum & Petrol Station industry, is revolutionizing the customer experience by adopting tensile membrane structures. TE Membrane is at the forefront of this transformation, with the lead architect and charman of the group to utilizing innovative tensile membrane structures to create inviting and functional spaces. These structures seamlessly integrate with existing station designs, fostering an open-air environment. The freestanding nature of the tensile membranes eliminates feelings of confinement, allowing customers to relax and enjoy the convenience of on-site restaurants in complete comfort. Furthermore, TE Membrane caters to individual station needs by offering a variety of unique tensile membrane designs to attract more customer with the iconic design. This adaptability is evident in projects like the KFC at USJ 20 Petronas Petrol Station and the Giant Supermarket haven at the Bukit Antarabangsa Petronas Petrol Station  station, Macdonald at Bukit Tinggi Petronas Petrol Station and  Burger King at Mutiara Damansara Petronas Petrol Station. TE Membrane’s partnership with Petronas signifies a commitment to shaping the future of leading trend in the petrol and gas stations, transforming them into community hubs that prioritize a positive customer experience.

TE Membrane pushes the boundaries of tensile membrane structure and ETFE membrane structures, crafting stunning and innovative designs that elevate your tensile fabric structure project.


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